Cecilia Bernard

Cecilia Bernard is a sophomore politics and economics double major and Drake’s current Academic Affairs Senator on Student Senate.

Through my first year, I fell in love with Drake and Des Moines so much that I decided to stay here over the summer. One of my sorority sisters and a recent Drake graduate, Jenna, was aiming to reach out to get Drake students more involved with the Iowa Caucuses and I remember a conversation I had with her about political opportunities and the caucuses in Des Moines. After explaining the process and stressing how important citizen engagement is, she gave me information on how to get involved. I continued to ask Jenna about the Caucuses and was able to reach out via email to another student intern to apply. Jenna and her passion are what brought me to The Harkin Institute.

I am working this summer at the Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Citizen Engagement as the Public Policy Administrative and Event Planning Intern. The main goal of the Institute is to inform citizens, inspire creative cooperation, and catalyze change on issues of social importance. The Institute is even participating in the Drake new student orientation this summer, being present and giving new students information about its opportunities – that has definitely been one of the highlights of my summer! The chance to marry two of my favorite things – meeting incoming students while sharing my love for Drake and the Harkin Institute with them – is a blast!

There are so many different aspects of this internship that make it more than I could have ever imagined. I am not only learning about public policy, research, and Senator Harkin’s legacy, but also how to thrive and succeed in a professional setting. This opportunity has taught me so much about professional development, as well as discovering one of my personal passions of public policy. For this opportunity, I am extremely grateful.

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