Diane Caldbeck – Drake Alum

Diane Caldbeck (ED ‘72) is the current Associate Vice President of Drake’s Office of Development.

  1. Nourish – What were you involved in at Drake that had the biggest impact on your life, and how did it help you grow and develop into who you are today?

Without a doubt, my membership in Delta Gamma had the biggest impact on my life at Drake. It was central to my whole college experience, providing me opportunities that I might not have taken advantage of otherwise.  The leadership and relational skills that I acquired through holding offices and living with SO many women  prepared me well for my career in alumni and development work at Drake.

  1. Flourish – What is something that you’ve always dreamed of accomplishing and were able to accomplish as a result of your Drake experience, and how did your Drake experience prepare you/help you do that?

It had always been my hope that I would find something to do with my life, career-wise, that I was passionate about and that enriched my life.  My Drake education and experience prepared me for two important and meaningful careers.  First, I was fortunate to receive my secondary education degree and immediately find a job teaching high school history in St. Louis—all because of my great Drake education.  After teaching for five years and working as an active volunteer and stay at home mother, I had the great good fortune to fulfill my dream of working for Drake and realizing my passion for  relationship building and fundraising for my alma mater for the last 27 years.  It all fit together perfectly– Diane Caldbeck and Drake are a perfect match!

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