Jack Ramsey

Jack Ramsey is a first-year finance major and a member of the Drake Men’s Soccer team.

My transition to Drake was extremely smooth and exciting! Over the duration of the summer, I found myself more and more looking forward to college. When I got to campus it didn’t feel like a strange place; it immediately felt like somewhere I would be comfortable at. It was interesting when I first got on campus because the only other people here were athletes, so it was a cool experience to meet people who were in a similar new situation to mine.

When Welcome Weekend came around, I had already been on campus for a few weeks but it was still really fun to see everyone experience Drake for the first time on their first couple days. Another great part of Welcome Weekend was how friendly everyone was, whether they were first-years or seniors. That has been a major difference between high school and college; no matter the time or the place, everyone is always willing to meet new people and have a conversation. Along with the overall friendliness of people, another big difference between high school and college is the large sense of responsibility that you have to take upon yourself. You are now responsible for everything that happens in your everyday life, but I think that makes things more enjoyable because you now have a sense of fulfillment when your life goes smoothly.

Soccer has also played a huge role in shaping the first couple months of college. Between practices, games, and team bonding, preseason was all about soccer. Now that classes have started, my life is always rotating between soccer, classes, and studying but it is so much fun because I always have somewhere to go or something to do. Being a soccer player has changed my college goals slightly; my original goals for my 4 years at college were to get good grades and find a great job. Now that I’m on a team, I have added goals in helping our team be as successful as possible on the field and getting good grades not only for my individual success, but to also help keep the team’s GPA as one of the highest in the country. I’m excited to see what my four years at Drake will bring!

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