Jacob Enevold Jensen

Jacob Enevold Jensen is a senior originally from Denmark and a current member of the Drake Men’s Basketball Team!

I played at Værløse Basketball Klub for 3 three years prior to coming to Drkae. Before that I was at a boarding school, 09/10, and where everything started for me was at Vejen Basketball Klub. I was recruited by former assistant coach Todd Townsend, who’s no longer here, to be a member of the Drake Men’s basketball team. It’s actually a funny story – He contacted me over Facebook, asking if I would be interested in playing for Drake and what not. I simply replied, “No thank you, my grades aren’t good enough.” Townsend didn’t accept this answer and continued to recruit me and looked into the situation. This ultimately resulted in me committing to Drake University, mostly because of Townsend’s persistence, but also because I felt like the staff actually cared about me as a person and didn’t just see me as a value to their team, which is sometimes the case in college basketball.

I can’t pick any one experience and call it the ‘greatest experience’ I’ve had on this Bulldog team; it’s all of the small things that make the whole experience great. It’s things like fighting to win games with my teammates, doing community service, meeting the fans, signing autographs for the kids and seeing their little faces light up, or one kid telling me I’m his favorite player, even after I’ve played a horrible game.

I think Bulldog Madness creates great excitement for the upcoming season and it brings the student-body together to have some fun and win prizes and see both the women’s and men’s basketball teams. It offers an opportunity to get away for a little bit too, everyone is so caught up with school all of the time, and we often forget to wind down and relax, and just have fun. Let’s not forget about free food, who doesn’t love free food? Stop by tomorrow night (Thursday, Nov. 3rd) at 7pm!

I’m looking forward to see what we can do this year. Since it’s my last year here at Drake, I really want to see how far we can take it. I don’t want to make any promises on behalf of the team, or myself, but I know that I’m fighting to finish as high in conference as possible. I look forward to the good times, and the bad times, because it’s those experiences that make us better, and push us to better ourselves.

It means a lot to us when students show up to our games; it doesn’t go by unnoticed by any of us. There’s nothing like playing in front of a full student section that’s cheering, jumping, and getting excited. Stuff like that just creates an atmosphere that we ourselves can’t create on the floor or on the bench. Seeing a full student section just provides a rush of excitement, and energy that you can only get from the student section. I can’t wait to see everyone out to support us this season!

Stop by Bulldog Madness on Thursday, November 3rd at 7pm in the Knapp Center for games, food, prizes and the introduction of our 2016-17 Men and Women’s Basketball teams! AND keep coming back for more Pawprints!

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