Jan Hendrickson

Jan Hendrickson is a junior Health Sciences major with English and Spanish minors. She is also Co-Vice President of Traditions for the Student Alumni Association.

After my last two years at Drake, I began to realize just how amazing this University truly is. That’s where my involvement in SAA came in, realizing that I could focus my passion into an organization that does great things for the students of Drake! Because of my great appreciation for continuing the legacy of Drake, I am a Traditions Co-VP in SAA this year. This means that I am in charge of organizing the unique traditions that Drake upholds, in another words, KISSING ROCK!

Early on in this planning process I focused on brainstorming what exactly I wanted this event to look like. My other co-chair Meghan and I had met a couple of times together and discussed innovative ideas that we could introduce at the Kissing Rock this year. This is why we have a couple of student organizations attending our event, because we really wanted to push University-wide collaboration. We also reached out to Tony Tyler, and wanted to ensure that the LGBT community felt welcomed. The Kissing Rock is a unique event, because it takes place outside Old Main, and happens at 10:30 at night. This makes the planning side of this event a little more demanding than an event that happens inside. You have to order tents, a generator, lights, the whole nine yards.

Another important part of this event is reaching out to Drake couples and personally inviting them to this event to participate in the much loved couple’s games. Every year, couples compete to become the winner of these hilarious and fun games. This is a large focus of this event, and everyone LOVES to watch their friends compete. However, don’t worry, if you are single but still want to get in on the fun of Kissing Rock, there are planned activities for everyone to play! I brought back the “Kiss or No Kiss” trivia game from last year that mirrors the popular gameshow Deal or No Deal. Plus, there’s an opportunity to win a prize every round! Also, new this year, expect a version of mega-Jenga! This is just another option for those who are not participating in the couples games. It was my goal to make this event welcoming for everyone at Drake – whether you’re single and ready to mingle or are in a committed relationship. With all that in mind, HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

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