Kelli Carter

Kelli Carter is the current recipient of the Catalyst Fund Scholarship at Drake. Here is what she had to say about student giving:

Knowing that I have the support of the Drake community through the Catalyst Fund and the faculty that initiated it, has given me confidence in my ability as a student, and the courage to face tough obstacles while trying to complete my degree. I am hoping that students will know and understand that this fund not only helps financially, but they care about the overall well being of the student. Professors listen and care about barriers that you face. They want to see those students from under- represented backgrounds finish strong and be proud of the accomplishments made. They also want the climate on campus to be one that is inclusive and inspiring for all.

Student giving is critical because it pours into a community to ensure that talented individuals have a chance at higher education. The cycle then repeats itself when those individuals are successful and graduate, they have the chance to pour into another individuals life, ensuring that the legacy of help and student giving remains a permanent fixture.

As I graduate in December, my world will open up to so many possibilities.  I will no longer struggle financially. I can encourage and mentor others. Life will truly embark on new experiences and paths!

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