Michaela Phelps

Michaela is a sophomore pre-pharmacy major originally from White Bear Lake, MN.

As a sophomore student on the pharmacy track, this is the year that we officially apply to Drake Pharmacy School! I looked at many different pharmacy schools before choosing Drake, but was impressed by the student services offered here, as well as the academic curriculum. I liked the fact that minors, concentrations, and dual degrees are made available for all students. I was impressed by the fact that most of the pharmacy students here obtain a residency after graduation, which definitely speaks to the quality of the program.

The profession of pharmacy has always been apart of my life. My mom has been a pharmacist for  30 years, along with two of my aunts and my sister being pharmacists. From a young age I was able to witness all of the hard work, passion, and dedication that they put into this career. In high school, strong skills in math and science courses sparked the interest for me in pharmacy, as well. The profession of pharmacy will always be needed to guide patients and promote appropriate use of medications. This profession also means providing safe and affordable medication therapy. I am interested in this career because it allows me to interact with and help patients.

The official online application which included areas of experience, involvement, coursework, and an essay was due in the beginning of October. Looking toward the rest of the semester, interviews begin in November, which have changed this year from a standard interview to multiple mini interviews. Also, at the end of the semester there is a writing assessment. The professors and peer mentors at Drake have also really helped me along this process. Having professional faculty that are always willing to reach out and help students has influenced me as a student and a Pharm. D. applicant. Also, all of my fellow pre-pharmacy classmates have helped me during this application process and having their support has made this time much less stressful.

Coming in to Drake, I didn’t know what to expect from the pharmacy program. Adjusting to the rigorous coursework was difficult at first, but I have definitely progressed as my time at Drake has passed. ¬†From these academic and professional challenges, I have become a more hardworking and passionate student. I am self-driven and well prepared for the next four years in the pharmacy program.

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