The Caldbecks

This year for All In, the Caldbeck Challenge is playing an important role in matching student giving. Read more about Kelly, Peter and Megan Caldbeck, why they are giving back to Drake and what the Challenge was all about!

The Caldbeck Challenge idea was presented to us by Stacy Rungaitis, a close family friend and former colleague of our mother. She knew how important Drake is to our family and had the idea of doing this as a way to honor our mom, who has worked for Drake for 28 years (and counting). The purpose of the $25,000 endowment challenge is to inspire student philanthropy and encourage student giving by matching their giving dollar for dollar up to the annual earnings on the endowment–about $1,250 annually. The Student Alumni Association chose the Catalyst Fund to be the beneficiary of the Caldbeck Challenge this year.

We’re hoping that the challenge helps students both understand the importance of giving to Drake, and appreciate the power and impact of collective giving. The three of us would have never been able to create this endowment on our own. But together – with the end goal in mind – we were able to come together and make it happen. We’re proud to see our gift put into action this year – and are excited that it’s being used for the Catalyst Fund. We can’t wait to see how the students respond and want to make sure every dollar we have committed to Drake is used!!

We’ve always been invested in Drake because our entire family attended Drake and our mother has given us no other optionJ! But this commitment has taken that relationship to another level. Through this experience, we feel more connected than ever to the University and, more importantly, to the students. We want to see Drake thrive and we want the student body to see how they play an essential role in making that happen. We have no doubt that they will succeed.

What are all of your favorite Drake memories?

Kelly: I have many fond memories of my time at Drake. However, one of my favorite experiences as an alum was just recently. My close friends from Drake spent a long weekend in Mexico celebrating our 40th birthdays. (Eek! I can’t believe I just admitted to my age!) For four solid days we regaled one another with stories and memories from our years at Drake. We shared and celebrated one another’s life successes as well as wept with laughter as we told our favorite memories. It was Drake that brought us together and the bond that has kept us in touch after all these years.

Peter: I think my favorite memory is when I realized that I made the right choice in choosing Drake. Growing up in Des Moines, I always expected to leave and never look back. However, it wasn’t long into my freshman year when I noticed that every thing I had looked forward to in some distant university was right here. That’s because Drake is a culture. I felt connected to the school, to my professors and to the amazing friends I was making. I am so happy that I made that decision, it has made me a better person and my life is definitely enhanced because of the relationships I cultivated there. And also because… Peggy’s.

Megan: So many things! I made great friends through the Greek system, I loved campus life and the activities that I participated in, the professors and classes that prepared me for my future (I’ve been in a profession that is directly related to my major since I graduated 12 years ago!). But my favorite memory is my amazing study abroad experience in Florence – which almost wasn’t a memory, because I almost didn’t go, because I couldn’t imagine missing a year of Relays. If that doesn’t say Drake love, I don’t know what does!

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