About Us

welcome, bulldogs!

We are SAA, a student organization built around the concept that Drake is more than just a four-year experience.

Our mission is to enrich the student experience at Drake University by instilling an enduring sense of pride in university traditions and values, cultivating a culture of institutional philanthropy, and building meaningful, lasting connections between students and alumni. The Student Alumni Association is distinguished by targeted niche programming, a strong effort toward collaboration, and a passion from all things Drake. This mission is the driving force behind all things SAA associated and acts as a solid foundation in which our three pillars, networking, traditions, and philanthropy, are built. It is our vision and our hope to focus on deepening connections with our institution by enhancing the student experience and building a life long love and enthusiasm for Drake University.

On behalf of all of us here at the Alumni House and the Student Alumni Association, welcome! We're glad you've stopped by.