Do you love Drake? Are you interested in becoming acquainted with local alumni? We are excited to learn more about you and see how you could fit in our exciting and engaging organization!

Are you looking beyond general membership?

The SAA Executive Board is composed of a president and thirteen vice presidents. As a group that centers itself around creativity, practicality, and fun, we work to collaborate with other board members and campus organizations to promote our vision and mission as well as improve student's overall, day-to-day value.

The SAA Executive Board Members earn valuable leadership experience by holding itself true to its foundational pillars of traditions, networking, and philanthropy. Each executive board member assumes responsibility for particular programs and initiatives while creating and upholding, connecting, and cultivating to their respective pillars. The SAA Executives has the honor of interacting with our National Alumni Association Board of Directors as well as some of our most notable alumni. Below is a list of duties for which our officers are responsible:

  • Sustain the mission of the organization, creating a culture of philanthropy, connecting students to alumni, and holding Drake traditions.
  • Attend weekly meetings.
  • Complete the responsibilities specific to their Executive Board position.
  • Coordinate events that support the organization and the Office of Alumni Relations.
  • Serve as an alumni representative to the student body.
  • Various other duties as assigned.